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Collect Ether for $15
Why this painting is special...

The creation of this painting was a very emotional process for me. I channeled Ether from my idea of a woman and didn't refer to any photos. By the end of the painting I found myself layering cool colors, then warm tones and back again for weeks. I would love the way she looked one second and then find a flaw the next. I began to realize that I was not battling the canvas, but the way I viewed myself.  In that moment, I decided to leave this work as you now see it. In the end, it is a promise of self love and acceptance and it speaks to the ethereal existence, kindness and love that flows from the feminine presence. 

Why size up your print?

Trust me, it's worth it. My paintings are really large and I put so many little details everywhere. When you size up, you'll be able to appreciate every detail as if you had the original painting.  If you size up, you still get your free shipping, certificate and money back guarantee.

What comes with your order?

1) Your Artwork

Each print is made on fine art cotton paper. 


2) Certificate of Authenticity

With each print, I send my custom certificate. I put a wax seal on it myself and sign it. This is part of the fine art experience! 

3) Free Shipping

No hidden fees at checkout. The price you see, is the final price of your fine art print. 

4) Money Back Guarantee

Shopping for art online shouldn't be scary. With me, you have nothing to be afraid of. If it's not everything you expected, then I promise to give you your money back! 

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