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Why this painting is special...

Each painting in this series represents a unique perspective or journey that I experienced. I could never pick a favorite and each one shines a different light. I created the full collection pack to fill your home with intention, connection, and love. 

Collect All Four

Right now, this whole series is only $50 for the 8"x10" on fine art cotton paper. This is a unique opportunity to collect four prints at a discount. Of course shipping is included!

What comes with your order?

1) Your Artwork

Each print is made on fine art cotton paper. 


2) Certificates of Authenticity

With each print, I send my custom certificate. I put a wax seal on it myself and sign it. This is part of the fine art experience! 

3) Free Shipping

No hidden fees at checkout. The price you see, is the final price of your fine art print. 

4) Money Back Guarantee

Shopping for art online shouldn't be scary. With me, you have nothing to be afraid of. If it's not everything you expected, then I promise to give you your money back! 

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