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Why I Paint


Painting is when I feel my most authentic and joyous self. I have an interesting relationship with color. When I experience the world around me, my mind simultaneously associates colors with a sense, such as a smell, taste or texture.

Painting allows me to share what I experience with others. I am also able, while painting, to let go of expectations, beliefs, and doubts and find clarity as well as feel a deep sense of relief. When painting, my truest light comes through.


My Journey


Dominique Italiano is an award winning and international selling artist in Hobe Sound, FL. Dominique Italiano went to the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver where she graduated with a marketing degree and minored in business ethics and legal studies. Underscoring her pursuit of art was her International Art Concentration and time spent abroad at the Università Roma Tre in Rome, Italy. After graduation, she worked for a fine art gallery in downtown Denver. In 2019, she opened her own studio, Dominique Italiano Studios, in pursuit of her life purpose. She moved to Hobe Sound, FL in 2021.

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