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Why I Paint


Painting is my expression and my communication. For me, it is near impossible to define certain feelings using words. With paint, I feel limitless and the full ability to express myself.


My whole life, I thought everyone could smell or hear in color or assign colors to feelings. My friend who studies medicine told me about synesthesia and that it's not exactly common, but also that science is just beginning to understand it. So when I hear, smell or feel something, especially things I find beautiful, my mind sort of bursts with colors, just like my paintings show. 

I do feel a purpose in this life and it’s difficult to define in words, but I can feel that purpose when I paint. When I let go of expectations, beliefs, and doubts, my truest light comes through on that canvas and it just sings to me. 


My Journey


I have been drawing longer than I can even remember. 

I was obsessed with drawing and often found myself trying to better understand how to mimic the world around me on paper. I had the desire to go to art school, but my gut told me to go to The University of Denver for business. I'm so glad I studied business because it gave the basic skills for how to run a business. And without those skills, I believe I would have never had the confidence to open my own studio. My junior year of college, I studied abroad in Rome where I reconnected with art and knew I still had a calling.

After graduation, I worked at a gallery where I sold fine art. While working there, I met amazing, established artists. I finally took the plunge and decide to answer my calling by starting my studio in 2019.

Several years later, I am still growing and learning how to communicate through my art. I've grown to realize that I will always be learning more ways to create, because I am also always changing. The work is never finished, and isn't that just such an exciting thought? 

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